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Squares Smart Solutions, Established 2009 as a service provider; passionate team using their experience, looking forward for expanding to facilitate a wider range of “Media Services” needs for our elite customers, which had been a niche field then.

Starting 2020 it was the start for a new unit as complete “Media production” unit which expanded and nominated in 2023 as “SM Plus”

SM Plus

A Complete Media Production unit, with a talented crew having the ability to make a complete productions of all types, Movies, Series, Talk Shows, Video Clips, Documentaries, Either long, medium or shorts as well as reels, also our productions were broadcasted on all types of Media, Digital, Printed, and even through satellite channels

Caring through studying and updating about Quality, achieving it; Rules are very important, not only for a good picture, but to make our message reach to perfect target audience, through Good picture, balanced colors, clear voice even the background music whenever needed.

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+2 010 6681 1884

+2 02 2637 0250

+2 02 2240 2377

4 El Salam Street - Off El Hegaz

Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt